Celebrating 46 Years

Parents Comments

All of my four children have at some time danced with Lamberhurst School of Theatre Dance.
All have had a nurturing, supportive experience with a very high standard of tuition in all the forms of dance that they took part in.  Katherine, Maggie, Kirsty and Holly have a real knack of bringing the absolute best out of children, whilst making them feel included and boosting their confidence.  They really consider the child as a whole.

It is possible to take dance exams  if a child wishes to, but there is no pressure to do this, which I felt was a real strength of the school.  There is such emphasis on enjoyment of dance for dances’ sake. For those children that do take exams, the preparation for them is absolutely fantastic, with such care being taken over technical strength and performance, and ensuring that each child is ready and comfortable with what they are doing. The children go into the exams in a happy supported way and come out beaming!

The school does a performance every two years which is an absolute highlight. Preparation for the shows is meticulous and very supportive, and the result is a wonderful demonstration of all children performing to the very best of their abilities to deliver a brilliant production. They always look so happy and comfortable on stage.

Many children start at the school aged three or four and leave at the end of their school education at eighteen, which is a real testament to the wonderful environment of the school for all ages.

Lamberhurst School of Theatre Dance is an absolute highlight of my childrens’ childhood, and they have gained so much from the school – not just skills in dance, but in teamwork, performing, responsibility, and confidence, as well as the most brilliant friendships and memories. I cannot praise the school or the wonderful teachers highly enough.  Miranda Hungerford

My daughters both learn dancing with Katherine, Kirsty and Maggie and I am so thankful that this school was recommended to us.  The teachers give all of their students a love of dance and nurture the talent of each and every child.  This is all done in a manner that makes the students feel safe and cared for and this can be seen from the fact that so many students keep dancing until they are 18 or more.  My daughters love their dance lessons and always leave with a smile on their faces and I am always blown away by the progress they have made when we watch the lessons at the end of term.

In addition, the bi-annual stage performances at the Assembly Halls in Tonbridge Wells are an experience that the students (and their parents) will remember for the rest of their lives.  They feel like members of a professional cast and care is taken to prepare them so they feel happy and confident when they are on the stage.  The standard of the performance is exceptional and the joy the students get in performing is evident for those who are watching.

Students are thoroughly prepared for examinations, which my daughters really enjoy, which is testament to the kind and effective way they are prepared for them.  They can also choose not to take exams if they wish and they still move up with their classes.  This means that students form close relationships with each other and are supportive of their classmates’ successes.

One of my daughters is now keen to have a career in the performing arts and this is all due to her experiences at Lamberhurst School of Theatre Dance.  I could not recommend this school more highly. Chesh Sturrock

Katherine you & Maggie have been so good to Dolly, I cannot thank you enough. Out of all the activities & clubs my children have attended over the years – there have been soooo many – it is you who has made the most effort not only to make sure that the children enjoy their classes, but also, have taken very good care of them emotionally too. I can see that you genuinely love having the children with you & care for them as if they are your own. That doesn’t happen very often. Tyna Carter

I have two daughters and both found a love of dance at The Lamberhurst School of Dance 1994 to 2007. Ballet, tap and modern dance are now within them. But they learned more than that. Discipline, fairness, reward and dignity. This is not a school where only the best are rewarded, this is a school that gives every student a sense of belonging,  a love of dance…..limbs, hearts and souls. As a mother there is nothing that I am more pleased with than the seeming endless journeys back and forth.

I just wanted to write and thank you for your wonderful professional manner and hard work. Hannah has really grown up and gained so much confidence in the last few months as she has prepared for her exam. I am pleased to say that the whole experience was a very positive one. Many thanks, Kristin and Hannah Stevenson

May I just say what a wonderful production ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ summer course was – we were all so  impressed and most importantly the children all loved being there. You and your team put so much work and thought into it. You made Emilia’s own dream come true as ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ sparked her initial interest in singing a couple of years ago and she has always lived the part of Dorothy! I can’t thank you enough and look forward to Emilia being part of your school in September. Kind regards, Hannah Doe