Celebrating 46 Years


A huge thank you the whole production was amazing and truely fabulous.

Congratulations on a truly outstanding performance of Peter Pan.  We all enjoyed it so very much.

I just wanted to say how amazing the show was. I thought it would be good but it far exceeded our expectations. My husband , son and myself absolutely loved it. The dancing, the costumes, all beautiful and it was so professional. It is incredible how you include every member of the dance school and organise that number of children. Olivia just loved being part of it and is still talking about it now. Thank you for giving her the opportunity to be part of it and thank you to you and all those involved for the hard work. Can’t wait for the next one!! Hope you have a lovely Easter break.

I would like to take the opportunity to say how fantastic Peter Pan was. The boys enjoyed the experience immensely and the whole family thought it was amazing, fit for the West End! You must be very proud!

What a fantastic show Peter Pan was. So professional and so amazing, cannot believe how you all do it. A huge well done to you all.

A huge well done to you all. The show surpassed all expectations.  We all enjoyed our trip to Never Land.  It was fantastic and a joy to watch from beginning to end. You worked your magic on every single element from the music to choreography to the costumes the stage sets the lighting and most of all in giving the children the confidence and ability to perform so brilliantly. A big big thank you to you all.

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on a superb production of Peter Pan – I attended the 2.00pm performance and thought is was such a professional production – excellent choreography; superb choices of music; beautifully designed lighting – not to mention the wonderful dancing of your 150 students. You and your mum should be so proud.

The whole production of Peter Pan was a complete triumph and you and your mother should be justifiably proud of everything you’ve achieved with the dance school. It really was a pleasure to watch and the quality of the performances was superb. I know you will miss the all the girls who are moving on to university but you have a wealth of talent coming on behind and with your nurturing, I’m sure they will able to fill the shoes of Emily, Phoebe and the others. Well done once again – and I have never seen a more evil Captain Hook!

We just wanted to say what a fantastic show we thought Peter Pan was …… beautifully done.
Thank you !

I just wanted to congratulate you and your Mum on another fantastic production – best yet! Charlotte loved and breathed Peter Pan for a long time in advance, and thorough enjoyed the performance! Thank you and Congratulations!

Peter Pan in dance was awesome & amazing.  Everyone from our family who came to watch the show were full of praise. I really enjoyed being a part of the show and I love seeing Laura enjoy dance as much as I did and still do.

Just wanted to say what a fabulous performance – I loved every minute of it!  I really do not know how you manage to pull off such a show with so many children.

It was so professional and what amazing costumes and backdrop.  I just want to see it all over again!  All the dancers were fantastic.

You are amazing and I love seeing you in the show too.  What a great Captain Hook.  Ella wanted to pass on her thanks to you and your mum as she didn’t get to see you when she left.  She absolutely loved it and felt so privileged when she was asked to do the extra part. I really hope there are more to come at the Assembly Hall!

What a great show, everyone was still buzzing on the school run this morning! The show really brings everyone together – pupils and parents – its a lot of work but so very rewarding for everyone.

Our Nutcracker DVD is nearly worn out the girls have watched it so much – they can’t wait for this one!

I just wanted to say how much our family enjoyed yesterday’s performance(s) – I was originally booked to come to the 2pm performance, but loved it so much I stayed for the 5pm as well! You have excelled yourselves – the last productions were fabulous, but this one was spectacular and we all particularly enjoyed seeing such a wide cross section of all the different types of dancing the school has to offer – all the children, girls and boys, seemed to enjoy themselves so much and had worked incredibly hard – it is not often they will have the opportunity to get such a brilliant example of the benefits of hard work and application, combined with lots of fun – a really good life lesson.

As Miranda said yesterday on stage, you seemed to glide through the whole thing in a completely unruffled way – but the amount of organisation, scheduling, costumes, scenery, logistics, choreography, planning, list making, and of course the DBS checks and so on is truly incredibly and you have done a marvellous job. I can’t believe Rosie is now one of the older girls – she looked so grown up and – as a proud mum – danced so beautifully (as did Ellie I thought!) – although it doesn’t seem all that long ago since The Nutcracker in Cranbrook when she was a tiny sherbet lemon! Your oldest students – particularly Wendy and Peter Pan – were an absolute credit to you and were truly amazing.

I hope you have a chance to have some rest and relaxation over Easter, and see you next term.

Many congratulations to you and the team for a fantastic spectacle yesterday, not to mention the amazing experience it gave to all the children involved. It was a privilege to be backstage and for me, it also gave the show an extra dimension!

I just wanted to say how lovely the show was and what an achievement to have such a huge cast all taking part and so together in their dances. We loved it!

An absolutely amazing show yesterday!  You must be on such a high! The girls cannot wait for the next one!

Just a line to say how much we enjoyed the production – beautiful!  you guys must be exhausted!!!!

I could not believe the difference in Millie either, she has gone from a little mouse who hated being looked at to a confident little dancer. Thank you.

Just want to congratulate you on another brilliant show. It was a pleasure to chaperone your girls. They were all lovely.

Just a quick message to congratulate you all on the show. I have worked with children all my working life, and I think the way yourself and your staff managed the children was amazing. The children were all fantastic and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to help, inspirational!

Congratulations on a fantastic show! We were so impressed, and of course very proud of our little puppy! Really appreciate all the hard work you put into giving the children such a great experience. Thanks and hope you can enjoy a well-earned rest over the next few weeks.

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for all your and Maggie’s hard work in creating such a beautiful and successful show! My family and friends who came to watch absolutely loved it, and I’d have to say Peter Pan has been my most favourite show to be a  part in. I will definitely be carrying on next term as I’m not quite ready to say good-bye!

Huge congratulations for a brilliant show!   Lottie (Charlotte). Really enjoyed taking part.  The whole show was fantastic!   Please pass on my thanks to everyone that has helped with the dances and show.


What an amazing performance! It was delightful and you both must be so proud.

Sasha and Rowena are both bouncing around having loved every minute of it. It was a fantastic experience for everyone and a mammoth task to have put it all together which we all appreciate. Having seen bits and pieces of the dances, it was lovely to see it all come together and it was so colourful. My parents were in the audience and also loved it. Thank you!

Wonderful show. You should be so happy that all your hard work was worth it. Thank you.

Perfection. An absolutely stunning production in every way. Thank you. Thank you so much for all your hard work for so many months. And your mother too of course. Truly the most wonderful show we have ever seen. Very very well done.

I hope you are pleased with the performance. Everyone I have talked to was just in awe of how fantastic the show was. Many thanks and Well done for all your hard work.

We are just home from Tunbridge Wells, we really enjoyed the show and found it a truly fantastic production, you all deserved our heartiest congratulations after all the hard work that obviously went into it, it was well worth it. I had forgotten how well I knew the music which is lovely too. Thanks again for a lovely afternoon.

I just wanted to send you a message to say thank you for the really FANTASTIC Coppelia production. It was an absolute joy to watch – such a high standard across all ages and abilities, entertaining, and really beautiful to look at.

Thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity to be in a real production, in a real theatre, with professional standards. She really, really enjoyed it and I hope will be inspired for her future ballet learning. I hope you have planned some rest over the Easter period to recover! With many, many thanks again,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful show this afternoon. I can only imagine how much hard work has gone into it over the last 6 or more months. The whole family loved it, and we were all so impressed with the standard of dancing and the beautiful costumes.

Bethany had such a good time, and it brought back lots of happy memories for Rosie too. Please pass on my thanks to Maggie for all her efforts. Hoping that Bethany will still be around for the next one!

It was wonderful!! I knew it would be. Many congratulations to you and everyone involved.

We all thoroughly enjoyed last night’s performance, and thought all the children were fantastic. My family (and me) were really impressed with the high standard of dance. There really is some fabulous talent at the school! Thank you for inviting Sophie to be part of the production, she loved the whole experience. Have a lovely Easter break and we will see you next term

Was so so lovely to be involved with the performance, it looked fantastic; the girls, you and Maggie all did such a great job. Hope you have a long lie in this morning and hope to see you again soon!

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the ballet yesterday afternoon. I booked it for myself and Lily after I received your e-mail about it. So thank you so much and well done to everyone involved!

Coppelia was magical and was the most wonderful production, it made me feel so proud that Lili is part of such a wonderful dance school with such dedicated teachers and I would like to thank you for giving her the opportunity to take part. I can see her confidence has grown because of it. Thank you again and Huge congratulations on Coppelia.

Firstly, many, many thanks for this weekend – obviously all the girls and boys were wonderful, but the show itself was so well organised and had such a good atmosphere backstage… amber really loved being part of it. (As did I!)

Just wanted to say how fantastic Coppélia was yesterday – choreography, costumes, scenery, everything! And I am always amazed, when there are so many involved, at the high standard of the dancing.

You must both be absolutely exhausted by now so I hope you are enjoying a well-earned rest. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Coppelia was so inspiring! Thank you,

We all thoroughly enjoyed Coppelia yesterday. Fantastic performance and such a great experience and opportunity for the dancers.

Congratulations to a wonderful and professional show. Lillith is really lucky to be part of your dance school. The whole family enjoyed it so very much.

Thank you for giving the children a wonderful experience and the confidence to be part of a beautiful event. Have a lovely Easter time,

Loved every minute of it. All the girls did you proud. Great comments from a lot of people. Have a good Easter I hope you get some rest

Just wanted to say what an amazing show. It was fantastic – well done!! You must be very proud putting on something like that and you were so calm throughout everything! Ella thoroughly enjoyed doing it and thank you to her chaperones for looking after here. She was feeling a little under the weather towards the end and they took good care of her. Thanks again Katherine and have a restful and happy Easter.

We just wanted to say a very big thank you for putting on such a wonderful show that the children enjoyed performing as much as we enjoyed watching. It was Abby’s first show and she loved it – in fact she went to bed saying she wanted to do it all again.

The costumes, scenery, choreography, dancers – everything was truly special… I don’t know how you did it! The quality of the dancing highlights the quality of the teaching and I’m glad Abby is a part of such a great school. Our thanks to you and Maggie for making it a wonderful experience for all.

Just to say thank you again for such a wonderful show. It was an amazing experience for Holly and she loved every minute of it. It was also one of the best days of my life. So really thank you so much. Have a great Easter and a well earned rest.

Just wanted to thank you so much for the opportunity of Ellie being in Coppelia!!!! It was an absolutely fantastic show and my family were all amazed at how brilliant it all was! Hopefully you all will have a well deserved rest until we start again! Ellie is still on a high and loved every minute of it!!!
Thank you so much again

I have never been to a ballet before, I was absolutely entranced, it was wonderful. Thank you all so much for the efforts you have made with Maddie C and Maddy B in their first ballet year. They were so happy, it was lovely to see their beaming smiles.

I would like to say the performance was lovely to watch and it was so enjoyable. Rebecca has enjoyed it very much to be involved. I would like to say thank you for your hard work making it so enjoyable along with your mother and the teachers.

I just wanted to say a gigantic well done and thank you to you both for putting on such a great production of Coppelia. It was truly brilliant, the standard of dancing was outstanding, the costumes gorgeous, and it is something all the girls (and boys) will remember with happiness for a very long time. It was a pleasure to have been involved! And I think we as parents are in collective awe of your organisational skills, and how you both managed to look so calm both over the last few months and over the past weekend. Many thanks, have a good Easter break and see you next term.

We enjoyed Coppelia so so much. It was a fantastic production and we were delighted that Grace was part of it. I was lucky enough to watch the two performances and they were both equally special. Many congratulations and we hope that you can now have a well-deserved rest over Easter.

I would like to say how amazing the performances were on Sunday. You and Maggie are a huge inspiration to all your pupils and they will remember performing in this show for the rest of their lives! Alex, Erica and I would like to say a huge heartfelt thank you to both yourself and Maggie.

Well done for a beautiful production .

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say a massive well done on putting on such an excellent show and thank you for including Laura within it, she had the best time ever! I really enjoyed being there on Saturday and watching it all come together and then yesterday to sit and watch the show, it was absolutely brilliant. I loved the character dancing and it reminded me on my tarantella(?) days!!

I hope that you were able to rest today and I hope you have a restful and enjoyable break. See you next term.

Well done for the whole show on the weekend everyone loved it!
Oh dear, Katherine, you have now given yourself a massive problem. How do you improve on that??

Everyone was really impressive and the whole thing came over as a team effort rather than the effect I have seen elsewhere of each dancer trying to outshine the rest.

Mainly due to well rehearsed, beautifully choreographed and set dances. No over- extensions anywhere – what bliss.

It is lovely to see Amber, Millie, Tallulah and Chloe developing so well, you must be very proud of them (plus all the rest of course). CONGRATULATIONS

Congratulations what a fabulous show,

Thank you for the amazing opportunity I was so proud and grateful to be a part of it. Thank you very much

I just wanted to say a huge well done to you, your Mum and everyone else for Coppelia-it was a fantastic show, Lily had a great time and is looking forward to the next one. All the aunties and grandparents with us were very impressed with the high standard, and everyone else in the audience appeared to be too. I hope you’ll be able to have a rest over Easter

The production was fabulous. I hope you’re feeling pleased with yourself! I really enjoyed it. I came along to support ‘the team’ and to let Amy see what she could do if she sticks with her ballet but I really wasn’t expecting it to be quite such a treat. Well done. When’s the next one?

I can’t thank you and your mum enough for giving the boys the opportunity to be in Coppelia.
And for all the support you have given them over the last few years.
My family were absolutely amazed by your production !,and when my mum saw the boys on stage together it reduced her to tears( of happiness)and she asked me to pass on her regards and say thank you.

Thank you so much Sophie and Phoebe loved every minute of Sunday. It was really magical – so many confident, graceful and talented dancers.
It was also hard to believe that it had been achieved with so little rehearsal time at the theatre. I hope you and your Mother have a well earned rest over the Easter holiday.

Oh my goodness! It was absolutely wonderful! You and Maggie should be so, so proud and very well done for all the beautiful choreography, costumes etc. Honestly, I saw both performances and both brought a tear to my eye. I was especially so proud of Rachel who was amazing – she danced so well particularly for the Persian and when she did the higher grade dance in Act 3. She loved doing it and it has been the highlight of her life I think! Some of her friends came from school and they were quite blown away having never seen a ballet before. The standard was so high – actually seemed to be incredibly higher than the Nutcracker – well done. Meanwhile, wishing you a very well deserved and restful Easter.

I wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful performance on Sunday! You did an amazing job, I was so proud to see our little girls on the stage. Thank you for everything, you have a brilliant school, I wish you all the best for the future.

Charlotte really enjoyed performing in Coppelia on Sunday and we really enjoyed watching it, such a wonderful production – thanks to you and Mrs Mansi! Thank you for everything you have done for Charlotte.

I just wanted to drop a line to you and your team to say thank you for putting on Coppelia last week. The show was absolutely fantastic and we really enjoyed it. Harriet and Bebe really benefited from taking part as well. I know how much work this must have taken you and I know many families are very grateful to you all. Looking forward to the next one!

I just wanted to say how wonderful I thought the production of Coppelia was. Having sat through it twice (as Charlie was determined to stay till the end!), I thoroughly enjoyed both performances. Thank you so much too for allowing the involvement of the younger children.

What a fabulous show you created last weekend! As ever it was so professionally put together. All the children (and adults!) were stars and seemed to enjoy themselves too! My girls seemed to enjoy it enormously. I hope you are allowing yourselves a bit of a holiday!

We wanted to thank you for a fantastic production – we enjoyed it so much. We are very proud of our girls for their performances which of course wouldn’t have happened without all the hard work and commitment from you and Katherine. We hope you have a fabulous Easter and well earned rest.

It is always a pleasure to help with shows you put on, I am just sad it’s all over. Holly enjoyed every minute of it, thank you for giving her the amazing opportunity to dance at the assembly halls. One of my friends, who makes costumes for the stars, came to watch Holly and of course all the girls, said she could not believe how professional the show was and how much she enjoyed it. Thank you again I am always happy to help anytime. Have a good Easter

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work and congratulate you all on putting on such a professional show ! It was a tearful privilege to watch our two children perform on the big stage and one none of us will forget! We all look forward to the next show and will no doubtly watch the DVD of Coppelia many times over with tearful pride.

I would like to add my congratulations for a brilliant show! We thoroughly enjoyed watching it and Lottie loved performing. Even my husband, who is notoriously unenthusiastic about things like this, thought is was very well done and really enjoyed it. To arrange and choreograph such a complicated ballet and include such a large number of children was a real achievement and makes all the lessons worthwhile. Thank you. I hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday and see you when term begins.

I would like to take this opportunity to say how very impressed we were with the fabulous performance of ‘Coppelia’. As a teacher of young children too, I know how much hard work it takes – really, really well done and thank you so much. I know how fond the girls in Isabel’s class are of you; it showed that day that they all are.

My sister-in-law, who came with us, wrote to say how clever the choreography was to include so my dancers and how impressed she was with the whole performance too. I hope that you have had an opportunity to rest? You certainly deserve one!

My family thoroughly enjoyed the performance and it was so professional. Thankyou for giving my daughter the chance to perform.

Well done to everyone – it was truly fabulous!

A very big thank you from Amy for the wonderful opportunity of being part of such a great show at the Assembly Halls. We all thought it was fantastic, and Amy had great fun taking part.

Grace had a brilliant time and our family really enjoyed the performances. We thought it was extremely well done. Very professions especially given how many children there were and how young a lot of them were.

We absolutely loved Coppelia – Tom especially!! well done

I wanted to congratulate you and your mother for such an amazing production of Coppelia my family enjoyed it SO much!

Well done on Coppelia again it was a great show.

Firstly, many, many thanks for this weekend – obviously all the girls and boys were wonderful, but the show itself was so well organised and had such a good atmosphere backstage… amber really loved being part of it. (As did I!)

Thankyou so much for including my girls in Coppelia. It was a very impressive production and the girls really enjoyed taking part.


The dress reh was the smoothest, least stressy one I have ever been to & I feel really pleased to be part of it all!

Congratulations on a fantastic show it was brilliant and thanks for letting my girls take part. Have a lovely Easter break it’s well deserved.

Thank you all for a couple of fantastic performances! Have a great Easter

Had to drop you a quick line before you go away to say – what a FANTASTIC performance of the Nutcracker. I really enjoyed every moment and thought the timing and choreography was superb.  A truly memorable experience for all the children and something they will never forget.  Thank you so much for all your hard work and making this possible.  It was a great event – and I hope you are already planning the next one!!!???!!!! Many thanks again for a wonderful evening.

May I add my admiration and congratulations to what must be an email box full of such wishes!

What an extraordinary achievement The Nutcracker has been.   The stunning costumes, the control, precision and high standard of the dancing, the gorgeous choreography, the sheer logistics of so many budding ballerinas on stage… but for me the over-riding thing that made this production heads and shoulders above any other school production I’ve seen, was the light and sparkle in each and every child’s eye.

What you have given these children is invaluable, and I thank you and your extraordinary mother from the bottom of my heart.

To give you a little feedback from Olivia… on the way home after the last performance she wistfully whispered to herself: “Its like it was all just a magical dream.”  What more can you give to a child?  And Jemima (5yrs) insisted on accompanying me to the final performance to see the whole ballet from start to finish, in-spite of being clearly exhausted. Thank you.  And I hope you have a fantastically restful Easter holiday! With all my very best regards

I just wanted to say how wonderful I thought this evening’s performance was and that you and your mother did such a fantastic job. Thank you so much – we all enjoyed it immensely. Take care and very well done.

I just need to say thank you – to you and your mother – for putting on the most extraordinary show this weekend.

I think my jaw started to drop last Saturday when I took Holly to Cranbrook for the dress rehearsal, and the scale and bravura of the whole thing began to become clear. Then yesterday I was able to take in the show properly, and was absolutely blown away; also mesmerised, charmed, amused, and touched.

A huge thank you and well done to you and your enormous team, but particularly to you and Margaret for having the sheer audacity to imagine you might pull it off – which you have done, and in spades.


Just wanted to say a big well done to you and Maggie. The Nutcracker was amazing, very beautiful and everyone danced so well. Thank you very much

I felt I had to write to say how fantastic ‘The Nutcracker’ was!  Everything about it was wonderful:  the dance, of course, but also the staging, lighting, costumes, programme, photos – everything!  And what
a feat of organisation –  especially in so short a time, with all the snow etc.  It was worth every penny. Hope you both now have a good rest and look forward to seeing you next term.

I just wanted to thank you and your mum for a magical weekend.  I was amazed by your wonderful achievement and feel so lucky that Charlotte was part of such an incredible experience.  The highlight for me (actually there were many highlights), but the overwhelming highlight was the look on the children’s faces – they all had such a fantastic time and really rose to the challenge.  It was so professional and beautiful and all the mums were crying with pride, so well done you and thank you again! Have a relaxing Easter – you deserve it! Very best wishes

I just had to pass on our absolute admiration and praise for a fabulous night.

I have heard from so many people how fantastic they thought the dancing was, the costumes were stunning and how the children loved being part of the experience. It was truly magical and Amber loved it. Well done.

THANK YOU!  I think you made a lot of little girls dreams come true last weekend.

The Nutcracker was magical!  We all really appreciate the amount of hard work that went into it and I think you should both be very proud with what you achieved.

I want to say how much I enjoyed the performance of the Nutcracker on Sunday evening. How you managed to organise and enthuse all those tinies and teens to produce such a wonderful spectacle is beyond me. Not only was it so professional but also you could see how delighted all the participants where to be taking part. Ciara thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and it is a memory she and I will treasure for ever. I hope you and your mother are very proud of the achievement. Thank you & best wishes

CONGRATULATIONS ! I enjoyed the ballet so much and so did John. Although you must feel quite exhausted, you should feel very proud of yourself and all the children who looked so lovely and performed beautifully. I must admit to shedding a few tears watching them all dance so well.
Now relax and stop hearing the Sugar Plum fairy as you go to sleep!!!!!

Congratulations on a wonderful show – we absolutely thoroughly enjoyed it. The organisation of so many –  amazing. “Clara” a star is born! Our love

Many, many congratulations !  We are speechless with admiration at the sheer amount of work involved in such a huge production. Not only from the hours of rehearsals that it needed but all the many, many other details with costume, props and general organisation.  There was evidence of so much enthusiasm, concentration and enjoyment from the tiniest mouse to the principals, and today’s Clara was a sheer delight. Well Done to everyone involved ! Thank you so much for allowing us to share it with you. Much love

Thanks for sharing such positive feedback. You deserve every word! x

Our sincere thanks to you & Maggie for offering our little girl such a wonderful & memorable experience. I have always offered to help with the children’s productions, but have never helped in such a happy atmosphere, as teachers & those in charge understandable get very stressed – but not you & Maggie.
Thank you both so much.

What can I say but the performances were absolutely amazing and everyone I speak too says the same. You should be so proud of yourself as well as all your dancers. Enjoy a very well earned rest now and we will see you after half term.

Many congratulations on a most wonderful show last night.  We all thought it was brilliant.  Well done to you all.  Looking forward to the next one!  Imogen danced her way to bed last night, she had the best time ever.

Its not until you help back stage that you see the enormous amount of work it takes to put something like this on, well done to you and Maggie, have a good break

The Nutcracker show was an absolute joy. Thank you so much for involving Ivy and all the hard work that you, your Ma, all the helpers and above all the dancers put in – well worth the effort which we really did appreciate. We thoroughly enjoyed it – my parents too!

I thoroughly enjoyed helping with the nutcracker which was absolutely AMAZING! Ellie had the best time ever and thankyou so much to you and your mum for the opportunity for her to dance with such beautiful and talented dancers, which are all down to your hard work! Any future help count me in i had such fun with my little candyfloss’s they were a lovely group of girls! Have a good Easter….you deserve the break! Thanks again!

Thank you so much to you and Maggie and the team.  I think it was a wonderful experience for the children as well as a great treat for the parents and I really enjoyed helping out.  I hope you have a well earned break.

Thank you very much for doing the Nutcracker. It must have been an enormous undertaking. Both Natasha and Tara has enjoyed it all very much.

It was our pleasure helping.  Thank you to you both for giving Ellie the chance to perform on a stage in a theatre.  She loved every minute of it and she got to meet some of your older girls who were great with the younger children.  Please can you pass on our thanks to them.

What a fantastic show, Katherine, you should be so proud of yours and your mother’s achievements.  I found it so emotional and was desperate to watch it again in the evening.  Well done!

Congratulations to you and all the children on a wonderful production of the Nutcracker. Lucy, Verity and I really enjoyed it.

The show was fabulous a thoroughly uplifting experience .  You must and should be very proud.

How much we all enjoyed the performance of the Nutcracker last weekend. Eleanor really enjoyed the whole experience and we thought everything was spectacular from the dancing to the costumes.

Huge thanks to you and to Katherine for giving all the children such a wonderful opportunity.  The shows were a huge success, weren’t they, and I’m so, so pleased for you.   All your hard work and dedication paid off and you must feel so very proud of each and every one of your dancers. Thanks also to Tony, Andy and Chris for all their hard work backstage.   I must make special mention of that sumptuous silver curtain which really was stunning and set the scene so well.  The whole production was really, really professional.  Well done to you all. I hope you will be able to relax over the Easter break and we look forward to seeing you at the start of the new term.

It was a pleasure to help and underlined for me how much work and effort you all put into the show. We thoroughly enjoyed the performance and thought all the girls did really well. So well done to you.
Many Thanks.

It was an Amazing show. Beautifully put together and all the children did so well. What a memorable and wonderful experience for them all. Alex said it was the best thing she has ever done, and would love to be a ballet dancer when she grows up! (for the moment anyway!).

Just want to congratulate you and your mum for putting on such a fabulous show.  Great dancing, great costumes, great venue, what more can I say! Well done, you should both be very proud.  And the best bit, all your dancers looked like they were really enjoying it!

A big thank you to both yourself and Maggie for including Victoria and myself in the Nutcracker.  We both loved the experience. It was such a pleasure to see my little girl having such a wonderful time and to both be able to share this experience together. It was a fantastic production and all my family have asked when you plan to do another!!!!!

I wanted to congratulate you and your mother for putting on such a fabulous ballet show at the weekend. Everyone I have spoken to has praised the standard of the dancing throughout and I am so proud that isobel and Mayah were a part of it all. I also want to thank you both for giving so many young people the opportunity to perform on stage and experience involvement in such a professional production. Enjoy the Easter break!

We are still talking about how fabulous The Nutcracker was. Thank you so much for arranging it all,

Wishing you all a very happy Easter, and again, many many congratulations on the Nutcracker.  My father, Richard Hopking, who was a ballet critic in the 60’s, i gather wrote to you.  Both my parents were enormously impressed by the standard of dance, and the choreography.

I just wanted to say a huge congratulations to everyone involved in the Nutcracker.  It was absolutely fantastic.  It was such a delight to watch and the costumes were amazing.  Lily I think was slightly overwhelmed by it all but enjoyed it all the same. Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort. Have a great Easter

Congratulations on the performance of the Nutcracker!

It was such a pleasure to be part of such happy and successful event and Ella loved it. Enjoy a well earned rest

I was very proud of Holly and all the girls.

Congratulations to you and your Mum for staging such a brilliant show.  I and all our family and friends who came to see it enjoyed it so much.

I felt so emotional from the moment the curtains drew back and right up to the last moment when Maggie hugged you, with tears of pride falling down my cheeks when Grace came out with you and her fellow, gorgeous lemon bonbons.  I loved looking after the bonbons and they were all, without exception, fantastic (I have to be just a little biased!!).  Grace thrived on the experience and I am so proud of her.

I hope that you and Maggie can put your feet up and relax over the Easter break and Grace & I will look forward to seeing you again soon. Warmest wishes and kindest regards

The Nutcracker show was an absolute joy. Thank you so much for involving Ivy and all the hard work that you, your Ma, all the helpers and above all the dancers put in – well worth the effort which we really did appreciate. We thoroughly enjoyed it – my parents too!

I can’t believe I forgot to say how fabulous you were on stage – a joy to behold – clearly in the right business

It really was a beautiful show. Phoebe and I cried so much at the end, it felt so different from any other show I’ve done. Well done and thank you Maggie, hope you and Katherine have a very RELAXING Easter holiday, you deserve it!

This was fab – well done Chris, so Maggie Swan Lake next week? Surely that’ll be too easy for you now, how about Aida on ice? Seriously though, everyone I spoke to was stunned and really enjoyed it, including me!! Finally say what a lovely crowd of supportive friends and family you have around you, everyone was just lovely!

The Nutcracker was absolutely brilliant and we were so pleased to be a small part of it.
Claire always loves coming back to Queens Hall to help and she and the little girls enjoyed it all very much.  Congratulations to you all – the organisation involved and the production itself was flawless.  Here’s to the next time!!?? Look forward to seeing you again soon – have a good rest now!

What a fantastic show, so professional & such a positive way of bringing the school together & each child feeling part of a special event. Thanku so much & it just highlights what talented people you teachers are.

Katherine, how amazing was that. A beautiful show which brought tears to many an eye today. A huge well done to you & Maggie & everyone involved. I felt so proud. Thanku for giving them both such a wonderful opportunity.

The show was amazing yesterday! I hope you were pleased with how it went.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all for everything! I had such a brilliant weekend & am going to miss the show so much! Thank you