Celebrating 46 Years

Pupils Comments

Joining Lamberhurst dance school at a young age was one of the best things I could have possibly done, the entire school is one big family and has boosted my confidence enormously. I was so sad to leave and I will be forever grateful for the many opportunities to dance outside of the usual weekly classes, from exams to fetes and the unique experience of dancing in numerous shows. Even after leaving the school I am continuing to dance at Liverpool University, and hope to create even more happy memories and good friends here than I have gained from Lamberhurst. The classes are challenging and enjoyable and I would like to thank Maggie and Katherine so much for sharing their love of dance with me, and making it such a big part of my life.
Elizabeth Weighell 2004-2016

‘I first joined Lamberhurst School of Theatre Dance in 2009 when I had moved from another county. I was incredibly nervous about starting out somewhere new but I loved the classes and Katherine and Maggie made me feel incredibly welcome. My training here furthered my love of dance, so much so that I am now studying it at university. Through my time at Lamberhurst I feel like I gained so much; I was able to take part in numerous shows which gave me some amazing memories backstage with friends, as well as the opportunity to perform in large theatres, and an insight into choreographing a show which inspires me in my own choreography now. I was also able to complete my graded exams in ballet which was a goal of mine. I still occasionally pop back for the adult ballet classes when I am in the area and to say hi to Katherine who I cannot thank enough for the kindness she showed me. From giving me lifts home from my weekday classes to giving me extra lessons near exams. I will forever be grateful for my time here which helped build my confidence and make me the dancer I am now.’
Lucy Nevitt 2009-2016

I attended Lamberhurst School of Dance from a really young age doing Tap, Modern and Ballet. Dance was always a highlight of the week growing up and had an amazing social side too- I made many great  friends there as well as many fun memories. Dancing itself is also something for life and is something all abilities and ages can do, I have even continued it at uni.. it’s a refreshing break from work! Lamberhurst dance school became like a family- that I was very sad to leave at Uni! A big thank you to Katherine Mansi and Maggie Mansi for making it so memorable.
Evie Armstrong-Clarke 1996-2011

‘I honestly do not know where to begin when talking about Lamberhurst Dance School. I have so many happy memories of my time spent there and wish I could travel back from university each week to carry on with the classes. I gained so much from my time at the school, all the teachers are so encouraging and inspiring, and am so thankful for everything they have taught me. I also made some amazing friends, gained confidence and loved the friendly, family atmosphere. From exams, to shows, to trips I have so many amazing experiences relating to the school and cannot put into words how grateful I am for everything I’ve gained whilst being there in addition to gaining high-class tuition and grades.’
Hannah Stanfield 1995-2010

‘My time at Lamberhurst Dance School since I was 5 has given me so much. Learning ballet, tap and modern was my passion and I’m so glad I can carry it on at university. Dancing with friends, completing grades and being part of the shows is something I will never forget.’
Zoe Carswell 1996-2011

I started classes at Lamberhurst School of Theatre Dance when I was 3, and it became a massive part of my life that I wouldn’t change for anything! Through dancing at Lamberhurst, I have gained so many skills, friends and memories that I will cherish forever. The friendly atmosphere and fantastic teaching provides a unique environment that I loved. Classes are fun and enjoyable, and the shows provided an exciting experience unlike any other- involving all the students whilst raising money for charity. Dance has become a big passion of mine that I hope to continue at university. I would like to thank Maggie and Katherine for all their hard work over the years, and the endless support and encouragement they have given me. Lamberhurst School of Theatre Dance is unlike any other- I was sad to leave but so grateful for everything it gave me over the many years.
Rosie Lanham 1996-2011

Lamberhurst School of Theatre Dance holds many of my happiest childhood memories. From the age of three to eighteen, I regularly attended ballet, modern and tap classes. Now, aged 21, I continue to perform in Bristol University’s dance shows and competitions around the country. The truly dedicated teachers at the School gave me the chance to perform in numerous shows and guided me through all of the RAD ballet examinations. Words cannot express how much I enjoyed my time with the School: from the incredibly supportive and encouraging teachers, the wonderful opportunities, to the chance to make long lasting friends with other children in surrounding villages, the Dance School played a fundamental role in shaping who I am today. As a result, I owe enormous thanks to Maggie and Katherine Mansi. I will be, above all, forever grateful to them for giving me the inspiration, love and enthusiasm to dance.
Katie Sands 1994 – 2008.