Celebrating 46 Years

Baby – Toddler – Pre-School with Holly Sturman

Zumbini Saturday 9-9.45am

Zumbini is a music and movement experience for children aged 0-4 years with their parents or guardians. It offers the opportunity to dance, sing and play instruments and is a fun bonding experience for the children and their adult. It’s all original music created by ‘Baby First’. Some songs are based on the same themes as well known nursery rhymes; animals, numbers, colours, etc. And a variety of dance music, some slow, some more upbeat. This is an ideal starter class that then leads into Pre-School Ballet, Music & Mime when they are old enough. 

‘Pre-School Dance, Music & Mime’ Saturday 10.00-10.30am Dance, Music & Mime. A structured & creative class. Children can start this class the term they are 3 years old. This class prepares children for Pre-Primary R.A.D Ballet, Beginner Tap & Modern/Street Jazz when they start full time school

“Starting the weekend with your dance class guarantees that our weekends get off to a fun and happy start.  The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and there’s just the right mix of structure and informality to cater to every child’s preferences” (Saturday Toddler Dance Class)